10 creative cat products your kitty needs!

Having a cat is a bit like having a baby. Every day is a new challenge. Not just one but millions per each hour. We had a thought here at Catman's World HQ:

Hey, why don't we just gather all the essentials for cat lovers? It might be useful, right?

Well, we hope it is. Below you will find 10 creative and interesting cat products that your cat might find interesting. Let us know in comments if you like it. If you want to add anything, just send me an e-mail at charlie@catmansworld.com

ChisCat Catnip Cleaning Sticks

It might seem just like a stick. It certainly isn't. The material used in the process of making is called matatabi. The plant grows in the mountains of Japan and China and is known as cat attractant and stimulant.
The product appears to invoke a more intense euphoric response in cats than regular catnip – fun behaviours such as rolling, licking, drooling, increased playfulness and a general increase in cat activity have been noted.
What's more it also cleans cats’ teeth and reduce the amount of plaque. Your cat will love it! 

Remote Control Mouse

Do you remember the last time your kitten brought a dead mouse to your doorstep? It doesn't have to be that way with Remote Control Mouse. It's easy - just push the buttons to steer the mouse and let your cat catch it (or not!).


One word. Balls. Cats love them. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for years and still can't figure out why cats love balls some much. Instead of having to clean up and look for the balls, CatCarousel keeps your cat entertained without possibility of ball leaving the carousel. Smart, huh?


Cats love to relax. They can lie all day. Although they usually prefer strange and weird places like on the top of a fridge or behind the sofa, they sometimes might use something a little bit more luxurious like CatHammock. It's comfortable and comes with 4 different cat toys. Best place for your cat.


Cats love to hide. A tunnel might be the best way to know where your cat is. A fun toy and a perfect gift for your kitty.


Imagine endless hours of pure fun for your kitty even if you're not around. CatRotator is an easy way to keep your cat entertained. Its rotating feather and rolling ball are perfect fun toys for all kitties.


Cat love chasing butterflies. You put this flower with a butterfly and just enjoy your cat playing with the toy for hours. Easy way of keeping your cat entertained.


Another way of playing cat & mouse. It's attached to a rotator that keeps spinning forever. Great way to keep your cat active.


As we've already decided, cats love balls. What's more - they love catnip. Imagine if it could be combined. Well, it is now. EcoCat-ball is a catnip ball that all the kitties love.



The easiest way to keep your cat entertained for hours - a red dot. CatLaser has been a great way of playing with your kitty for ages - now it has been redesigned to look cool. Isn't it awesome?

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