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“The smallest feline is a masterpiece 
- Leonardo da Vinci

Keep your home clean with CatMat™!

Are you annoyed with cat litter messing on your floor?
Catmansworld's team found a purrfect solution - CatMat™ ❤️️

Let’s face it: no matter how many different types and brands of cat litter you try out, tracking some litter granules out of the litter box is a common theme.  We all know the feeling of walking near the litter box and hearing the crunching sounds of litter being stepped on. With our new discovery you'll forget it for good 😉

How it works:

Its top layer with holes can easily capture a cat litter into the bottom layer, and the waterproof bottom layer will keep the cat litter, urine, etc. making it easier to clean.



- Made of high end material, eco-friendly and safe to use,
- Elastic fabric make it easy to carry with you
- Holes dimension precent claws from stick fast
- Waterproof material


About CatMat™:
  • 3 different sizes available:
Size Length Width
S 19.69"/50cm 15.75"/40cm
M 23.62"/60cm 18.11"/46cm
L 27.56"/70cm 21.65"/55cm
  • Weight: 1.43lb
  • Double layer Anti-Slip technology

🚚This product is shipped from the USA  

Extremely high demand!
Please expect 1 week for arrival

Save cats' lives!

Irma devastated parts of Florida and cats there need our help today. With every purchase, Catman's World donates a part of profit to Alley Cat Allies foundation to save cats lives, and provide relief and shelter as part of disaster relief efforts.

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