CatNip Herbs

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“No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens. ” 
- Abraham Lincoln
  • Purrfect for inquisitive explorers who want the best catisfaction 
  • 100% safe tested material
  • Made of natural catnip - environmental friendly 
  • Size: 10 g
CatNip Herbs are made of purrfectly natural catnip which is bursting with an intense aroma designed to stimulate play, sending cats into a frenzy.
Did you know about 80% of cats react to the natural herb catnip - catnip is just another name for the herb Nepeta Cataria, a member of the mint family, it creates a temporary, euphoric state that many cats love.

Extremely high demand!
Please expect 1-3 weeks for arrival
Limit per person: 30 


Save cats' lives!

Irma devastated parts of Florida and cats there need our help today. With every purchase, Catman's World donates a part of profit to Alley Cat Allies foundation to save cats lives, and provide relief and shelter as part of disaster relief efforts.

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